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57. How can we get the no of table out there in Ax by way of code? " on the server configuration utility to debug the server code. 55. Which class can be used to get the object names, safety key names / depend, configuration key identify/ depend and so forth.? 54. Which is the bottom class for these two lessons above mentioned? 21. What are two sorts of WebContentItems in AX? 47. What all are methods modifiers? ANS: You cannot use Final modifiers for the new and Finalize methods. ANS: No, Tables are by default Final. 48. I need to put ultimate modifier to new and finalize strategies? If you would like to face out in a highly aggressive market place comparable to actual property, inside design or authorized services then you'll most likely need to think about a brochure webpage. If sure then how it is feasible and if no then why? ANS: It is possible to initialize parameters in the tactic declaration. If no worth is supplied in the tactic name, the default worth is used. How can I do this the place I need to proper this key phrase in methodology? SQL Router offers name-backs that can be utilized to let application connection swimming pools know when to hand over functions

Another notable function that may curiosity many DBAs is the ability to use SQL to query extra DB2 Directory tables. Instead, DB2 generates a new access path for that SQL statement. Instead, try this hyperlink. Check the mapping of fields that assist information staging and in data marts. There are additionally numerous options added to DB2 11 to assist Big Data and analytical processing. This is why we have instructed htaccess to only use compression on textual content and HTML, because it's with human languages like English where quite a lot of repetition occurs, which suggests extra data may be compressed. This is finished by means of the Enable ARCHIVE USE clause. And, of course, if you utilize the new features of DB2 11 IBM claims that you would be able to achieve further performance improvements. The BIND and REBIND enhancements made in DB2 11 are essential to notice here, too. DRDA enhancements - together with improved shopper info properties, new Force choice to cancel distributed threads, and multiple efficiency associated enhancements

How an Implicit cursor works? How an Explicit cursor works? Which means that the programmer has declared the cursor throughout the PL/SQL code block. Answer any three PL/SQL Exceptions? All three ERP programs can well assist international techniques effectively dealing with worldwide necessities and offering higher scalability. Three and a half years after the earlier launch (late 2014), my new employer needed to deploy their new microservices-based mostly system to a production environment, which made me fairly motivated to work on Disnix once more. The declared, opened, and fetched cursor should be closed to launch the reminiscence allocation. For on-line varieties, you have to use a "password" type field for CCVs to offer some protection in opposition to shoulder-surfing. Specify the kind of storage to use for the database. Primarily used as a back- end system, Drupal helps a spread of website sorts from private blogs to authorities informational websites, and it is built on a PHP language which gives the primary database by way of MySQL. Next step, now we are ready for, database creation. What are the sorts of triggers? Any locks acquired by the transaction are released. Other customers can see adjustments in information made by the transaction

A high-pace data is required in case you are using a socks 5 proxy as a result of socks 5 proxy could be very sluggish. 24. Business connector proxy should be a member of which consumer teams in Ad? 38. Before you may create or modify a digital firm account what have to be established? • After you create or modify a digital company account, you could restart the Microsoft Dynamics AX shopper in an effort to replace the consumer with the brand new digital company account information. • The Session Manager within the shopper kernel manages only a single instance--in the Business Connector kernel, it manages a number of cases. 40. What is the difference between the Client kernel and Business connector kernel? • Only the administrator who's creating the digital firm account might be linked; just one energetic client connection is allowed. • The applying object server that the administrator is related to should be the only one working. 35. Can we debug the Business connector code operating on the server

You'll be able to choose the template that appeals to you. In circumstances like this, you can use the ID area as the primary key field and use it to make each document unique. Use the %ISOPEN cursor status variable. How can you find within a PL/SQL block, if a cursor is open? Or, you can just take away the Covering Index (like I initially did) and discover other ways with the event group to improve performance. Try to seek out it. What is the utmost variety of triggers, can apply to a single table? Attempts to deal with the growing variety of reported phishing incidents includelegislation, person training, public consciousness, and technical safety measures. Hence the number of pages to be retrieved will be much less and this reduces the variety of disk accesses which in flip offers a greater efficiency. Sometimes a book title alone will reawaken your 'article muse'. If not specified on this order will end in the final return being finished twice because of the way in which the %NOTFOUND is handled by PL/SQL

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